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Californian in origin, this massage helps the massee feel at one and totally relaxed by means of continual, long, extremely slow, regular and highly intuitive movements.
This approach is founded on contact and advanced listening skills as well as a certain presence and sensitivity vis-à-vis the massee in order to offer a unique experience by creating the impression of suspended time.

Relaxation achieved by an Esalen massage is aimed at enhancing your awareness:
- fuller understanding of physical perceptions
- achieving a state of meditation
- becoming aware of suppressed emotions
- an enveloping action which helps muscles relax
- alleviation of nervous excitability
- anti-stress action

Conduct of an Esalen session
On a massage table
Dress: unclothed or in swimming costume
1h: The initial manipulation is sustained. The masseur adjusts his movements to the breathing and response of the massee who learns how to relax and tune into the reactions of each part of the body.

Oils used
Macadamia virgin oil:
Macadamia trees originate from Australia. The fruit is harvested once it has fallen to the ground; its shell contains a kernel which is rich in oil (over 70%), calcium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamin B1. Macademia oil is a dry, odourless substance which is easily absorbed by the skin.
Argane virgin oil:
The argania tree is a native of Morocco. The highly nutritious oil extracted from its fruit has been used in cooking (dark oil with slight nutty flavour) and traditional medicine for centuries. Its high vitamin E content makes it ideal for body and hair care while its essential fatty acids help nourish dry skin.