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A gentle and relaxing massage of American origin with a variety of enveloping strokes which promote a sensation of all-round comfort, physical relaxation and well-being.
With sensory awareness thus restored, massees immediately feel at one with their bodies


A sensual Californian message which leaves you feeling deliciously pampered.

By developing your awareness of your body, this massage:
enhances your sensory perception
releases all the day’s stress
relaxes your muscles
eases tension
helps you cope better with stress
reawakens your sense of touch


Conduct of the Californian Massage

On the massage table.

Dress: unclothed or in swimming costume

1h: The session starts with the back so as to develop a heightened perception of sensations by means of expansive, rhythmic movements, alternating between deep body massage, palpating-rolling, sliding pressure and stroking.

1h30: The session continues on the front of the body beginning with the face, then the stomach, hands and legs.

The session ends with a sole reflexology exercise

Oils used

Macadamia virgin oil:

Macadamia trees originate from Australia. The fruit is harvested once it has fallen to the ground; its shell contains a kernel which is rich in oil (over 70%), calcium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamin B1. Macademia oil is a dry, odourless substance which is easily absorbed by the skin.

Argan virgin oil:

The argania tree is a native of Morocco. The highly nutritious oil extracted from its fruit has been used in cooking (dark oil with slight nutty flavour) and traditional medicine for centuries. Its high vitamin E content makes it ideal for body and hair care while its essential fatty acids help nourish dry skin.